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1) ALKALIZE YOUR BODY, 2)TAKE DAILY VITAMIN D3, 5,000-10,000 I.U. divided in 2: am & pm. Simple, cheapest way to alkalize: 1/2 tsp Baking Soda in 1 cup water, daily.  Along with the soda,
you'll be advised to take 1 potassium capsule
99 mg, in order to keep your electrolytes balanced.
Also to help maintain a normal blood pressure.

If your diet consists of excessive Carbs (including sugars), and your stress level is very high, you take medication, you smoke,  consequently your body pH would definitely be highly acidic. Easiest way to neutralize it, is by taking the basic alkalizer, Baking Soda. Take it 2x a day, to ensure your body is NOT ACIDIC, so that it will discourage CANCER from thriving, and/or spreading.

Note: CANCER CELLS love to thrive in an acidic environment only!
It is basic chemistry!

2) Take PROBIOTICS: 1-2 capsules a day.

3) Eats plenty of vegetables and fruits. Less Carbs and fats.

4) Take 1-2 tablespoon Flax oil and/or Cod liver fish oil daily! They reduce inflammation, and also lower the risk for cancer.

5) Don't smoke, nor eat smoked foods. Stay away from meat cold cuts. Eat fish, chicken and legumes that have cancer fighting properties.

6) Use toothpastes that are Fluoride and Paraben free. Fluoride competes with the Iodine in your body, thus causing thyroid and hormones' imbalance.

7) Use cleaning agents that are green and free of volatile harmful chemicals.

8) To replace deodorants: use a small mixture of baking soda and water, and apply under arms etc.
It will keep you smelling fresh for several days. You can repeat daily. It is cheap, effective and simple.
It does not leave stains on your clothing.

9) Refrain from drinking alcohol, if possible. Alcohol raises Estrogen level, provoking and fuelling cancer growth, (especially hormonal cancer) if consumed excessively.

10) Check periodically your thyroid level. The Thyroid control all bodily functions, including hormones.

11) All alcoholic drinks contain yeast. Yeast overgrowth is toxic, damaging, and can make you prone to cancer.

When you eat or drink yeasty foods, drinks, such as: PIZZA, PASTRY, WINE, BEER, consume in moderation, and immediately take Probiotics, to get rid of the excessive yeast in your body. Probiotics also digest and kill yeast.
*Please note: A strong presence of Yeast/Candida can pose a high risk of developing breast cancer.
12) Daily check your urine pH level. Optimum pH is: 6.5-7.5).

13) Do blood test, once in 6 months, and check your ESR level. It indicates the inflammation rate in your body. High inflammation level can induce cancer growth. Check also your liver status.

 14) Check your hormones level. If your Estrogen level is high, you are then considered to be Estrogen dominant, and therefore, at a greater risk of developing hormonally associated cancer.
 To balance your hormones, it is recommended to use Bioidentical Progesterone cream 3%-6%, once or 2x daily.
You simply apply it on the skin, daily alternating areas: abdomen, front neck, inside mid-arms, inside and back of thighs. 

You'll require a Doctor's prescription. Any Dr. with an alternative approach will be happy to assist.
Bioidentical Progesterone is beneficial for: Thyroid balance, bone health, heart health, nervous system and much more.
15) Check with a Naturopathic Doctor, whether you have parasites, particularly the FLUKES, that cause cancer! The test is brief and simple, and it's done through Electro Dermal sensors' computerized

*I had breast cancer, and found out through this test, that I had Flukes that took over, nearly 70% of my body, when the cancer was already present. Had I known earlier, that I had them, and got an adequate treatment, cancer would not have been the result.

You can get Flukes, by eating vegetables, improperly washed, also fish and meat insufficiently cooked.

*Please note: Prostate cancer is a hormonal cancer,
  and it's causes are in many ways similar to female
  hormonal cancers.

16) Keep your stress level down. Find ways to deal with it effectively, so that it won't leave a negative, toxic impact on your body, that may result in cancer, or in other serious illness.
Body chemistry: Stress, acidic diet, medications, alcohol, cigarette smoking, parasites (including yeast, fungus), all contribute to acidic body pH.
It is extremely difficult to stay slightly alkaline at all times, for most people, unless one takes action to reverse the acidic pH.
Simplest way to reverse acidity is to alkalize:
drink 1/2 teaspoon BAKING SODA in 1 cup water, with 1 POTASSIUM tablet (to keep your electrolytes balanced). Do it 2-3 a day.

 Baking Soda is harmless, provides you with energy, added Oxygen, better digestion, has detoxifying effect, and neutralizes your body acidity.
If your acidity level is much too high, you need to repeat the above 2-3 times a day, so that your body will be slightly alkaline: pH 7.0-7.5.

**To test your blood pH, you simply check the pH in your Urine, 2x a day. If you have cancer, you need to check at least 3x a day. Cancer further acidifies the body, by releasing its toxins.

A simple test is done with a Q-Tip (coated with Turmeric, and has light yellow color) and is placed under the stream of urine. If the pH is acidic, it will remain yellow, and if it is alkaline, the color of the Q-Tip will appear in color ranging from orange to red wine color.

Orange to red wine, are the colors that you want to attain. If you see yellow on your Q-tip, immediately alkalize, by taking your Baking Soda drink, as described above.

**To prepare your Q-Tips for the test, do the following simple steps: In a small container, place several tablespoons of rubbing Ethyl alcohol (S.D.M.). Mix in: 1/2 teaspoon Turmeric powder. Mix well. Immerse 10-20 Q-Tips in the mixture. Let dry over a piece of paper. Cut them in 1/2, so you can use both ends for more tests. You'll have a month supply to do your daily pH tests.

17) You must take your daily vitamins and minerals that help combat cancer, and the most important ones are:


B-12 - Methylcobalamin version is best! 1000-5000 mcg.

FOLIC ACID - 5 mg.

B-COMPLEX including Multi MINERALS.

VITAMIN C - 2,000 mg.

Most important Minerals: Zinc Citrate - 100 mg.
Selenium - 100 - 200 mcg, Potassium 99 mg, Calcium Citrate 1000mg - 1500 mg. daily, Magnesium Citrate/Malate 500 mg.

18) You must also take Pancreatic enzymes containing Ox bile. Enzymes digests food, parasites, cancer cells, putrid matter left in the bowels. They help break it down ,and keep the body clean. It also helps in reducing inflammation. Take one with each meal.
It is also recommended to take 2 tablets before going to bed at night. If you have cancer, take up to 5 enzyme tablets nightly, as enzymes help digest cancer cells.



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