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CROHN'S DISEASE HELP and BEST ADVICE by SHEILA BER - Naturopathic Consultant.

Vitamin D3 deficiency is a major factor for Crohn's. I take 8,000 - 10,000 I.U. a day, divided by two, 2x a day.

Try like myself taking the above dosage, but always with a spoon of Flax or Fish oil, to optimize absorption. Vitamin D will give you energy.

Eliminate sugars and replace with Honey in everything! Honey is comprised of mono-saccharides, and easily digested by Crohn's afflicted bowels, therefore less bacterial growth that causes inflammation. Try also take 1/2 tspn of MANUKA HONEY, on empty stomach 1 hour before a meal. It heals any wound inside and outside the body!!! *If you are allergic to fructose, do not eat honey! Try Stevia.
*Please note: If honey isn't stored properly, or comes in an inadequate packaging, it is vulnerable to bacterial contamination. Please store it at room temperature, always with the lid properly closed.
It helps against any abdominal pain! I tried it when I had pain from Crohn's attack, the pain was gone. The cost  is about
$12 for a small jar, and it lasts for a reasonably long time.

SUGAR - IN ANY FORM, IS EXTREMELY HARMFUL TO THE INFLAMED BOWELS OF CROHN'S SUFFERERS. Try to avoid smoking, and coffee, only once a day or every other day! Instead of coffee, to be alert and awake, put a dash or two of CAYENNE PEPPER into 1/2 cup of warm water, or into salads, soups, any dishes. It does wonders! It also takes pain away!!!
Taking daily: 2 Tablespoons of APPLE CIDER VINEGAR in 1 cup of warm water, helps tremendously! Absolutely!
Also I take 1 coate baby aspirin 81 mg. every day, or every other day. It keeps inflammation down, and the blood thin, due to high ESR associated with Crohn's disease. It prevents potential strokes in older adults, due to associated High blood Platelets count, and high ESR!

You will not regret implementing the above suggestions, as you are getting them from a Crohn's sufferer like yourself, who is mature in years, and with experience, and who has tried everything.  I have provided in this article, many helpful

suggestions for emergency situations. If you'd like to get the information, you can e-mail me at: blueiris0000 @ yahoo.com.
If you don't try, you'll never know...
Check with your G.P. your thyroid level,and hemoglobin level as well.You might need Iron pills (better from vegetable source). www.vitacost.com sells them cheaply - Item #CTL4026594. Take 3 a day with vitamin C - 500-1000 mg, for 3 months.
When in intense pain, for immediate relief, take also 1 tablespoon Colloidal silver, but swash in the mouth for a few seconds, then swallow. In 5-7 minutes, the pain subsides.
Additionally take: ROBERT'S COMPLEX Enzymatic therapy ( Approx. $20.- ), which is extremely helpful to avert an attack.
Take it 3x a day, for several days only, on an empty stomach until you feel better.
Crohn's pain, any abdominal pain, can be alleviated effectively also, with boiled ( 5 min.) herbal concoction: Sage, Mint, Anise. Drink warm, several times/day. It's very healing and detoxifying.
Don't forget the MANUKA HONEY also for the pain!

Don't: eat fried food!
Don't drink raw milk! You must minimize drinking milk. You can drink 2-3 cups a week, but you must boil it first!!! Because milk has a specific bacteria that aggravates severely the Crohn's, but if you boil it, you should be OK.
Don't drink alcohol, as all alcoholic drinks contain yeast. Yeast overgrowth is toxic, damaging, and can cause inflammation.

7a) When you eat or drink yeasty foods, drinks, such as: PIZZA, PASTRY, WINE, BEER, consume in moderation, and immediately take Probiotics, to get rid of the yeast in your body, before it gets out of control. Probiotics also digest and kill yeast.
Do eat: 2-3x a week SALMON fish, and also chicken. These are healing to the bowels, and anti-inflammatory. They are beneficial for the heart, brain, and for depression.
Take: Cod liver oil: 2-3 tablespoons daily. It is anti inflammatory, and keeps your blood vessels in good shape. It also helps ward off depression.
Eat rice daily if you can, until you get better. When you feel
better, you can increase your potatoes and bread (whole wheat or 7 grains) intake. Rice is the only complex carb that really best agrees with Crohn's. You can cook it in many ways.
you can even add raisins, silvered almonds, add 3 tablespoons of honey, 2 tablespoon Grape seed oil (best oil) and 1/2 teaspoon butter, nutmeg, some cinnamon, grated lemon peel (1/3 teaspoon), 1/2 cup milk, or condensed milk (in a can). Bring to a boil, and simmer for about 15 minutes. Eat cool or warm.
The worst thing that you can do is to feel sorry for yourself. I know Crohn's can cause depression. But you have to remain strong, positive, and hopeful! You must move on with life.
You have to be flexible when it comes to food, and give up the items that cause you trouble (inflammation).
* If you make a mistake and you eat something you shouldn't, or if stress causes you an attack, despite all efforts, don't give up! Keep fighting it, and do all the tips given to you in this article.
It takes time to heal, and slowly you will heal, I promise! However, you have to make some changes, you just have to, or you could suffer big time.
You just have to visualize your intestines, and what you put into them!
Always take HONEY to substitute sugar, MANUKA HONEY for pain. Take also PROBIOTICS (`Primal Defense` is best!)
to keep microbial level, and inflammation down.
If you are allergic to fructose, do not eat honey!
Remember: that the intestines can heal at any moment, but slowly, and surely.
However, you have to control what you eat, and how much. Just try to look inside you. Stay calm, try not to worry.
If you feel depressed, you must take B-Complex 2-3 times a day, and L-theanine (amino acid) 1-2 a day. Drink coffee: once a day enough! Even diluted (it elevates your Serotonin level, and makes you feeling content). Take 2 tablespoon cod liver oil a day, as it fights depression and inflammation!
Chinese food can be oily. If it's vegies and rice,  that are not oily, it's OK.
Soya sauce aggravates Crohn's, so stay away from it. Orange is also very aggravating. Instead of lemon in the food, use lime, as it is better for Crohn's bowels.
Chicken Teriyaki has soya sauce and it can aggravate. Steak is good, potatoes I find OK, add olive oil over them, some parsley, lime juice and salt, it's all healing and excellent tasting.
Eggs I find that if you eat 3 times a week, and then rest 3 days, alternately, your body does not develop intolerance (allergy) for eggs. But then it is individual.
White flour in any form (bread, cakes, cookies etc) is not good for Crohn's. I eat whole wheat bread, or 7 grains, but keep it to minimum, as the flour converts to sugars (polysaccharides, disaccharides) and your bowels will have difficulty digesting them. Complex Carbs such as rice (Basmati is best!)
Potatoes, 3x a week is fine.
Sandwich with home cooked meat is OK, but definitely not the cold cuts!
Cold cuts will cause an immediate attack, and more inflammation as a result. The bowels can react negatively, including the forming of a blockage.
Don't eat: Apples, oranges, pizza (for now).
You can eat: Bananas(very good! even 2-3x a day), broccoli is very good, but must be washed and boiled for 3-5 minutes, to make it easier on the bowels to digest. Carrots are very good, but now, until your bowels get better, you must cook the carrots for  about 10 minutes, for easier digestion. Tomatoes are very good, but can irritate your sensitive bowels. You may eat fresh tomatoes with sprinkled olive oil on top, and it tastes yummi.
Pizza 1-2 slices are OK, but because of the yeast in the crust, you must take 2 capsules of PROBIOTICS right away, to digest and kill the yeast. Otherwise, it might give you pain and bloating.
Pancakes are Ok, if you eat 2-3, only with HONEY, no other syrups, or even Maple syrup, due to the sugar content(disaccharides) in them, that can damage your bowels.


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