Thursday, February 2, 2012


Manuka Honey has healing properties. One of its properties is H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) which has the capacity to destroy microbes. It is high in bactericidal Activity. It has to be taken only on EMPTY STOMACH, as you don't want your microbes to feed on it, causing pain and bloating, and also as a result of the release of their toxins, while they are dying off.
Always, take it 1/2 hr. before meals. If you still experience side effects such as above, stop for 2 day, and start again. Honey, is the only sugar (Monosaccharides) that Crohn's bowels are able to digest, without the the damage that other sugars (including Maple sugar) can cause. All HONEY types are high in bactericidal activity, which
kills microbes including yeast.

*Please note: If honey isn't stored properly, or comes in an inadequate packaging, it is vulnerable to bacterial contamination. Please store it at room temperature, always with the lid properly closed.
If you still find, after 2 weeks of intake, that you are allergic to honey, stop, and use Stevia, as an alternative.
I used Stevia in teas, coffees, foods, for about 2 years and it was fine. However later on, I developed an allergic reaction (rush). I stopped immediately, and started taking HONEY, and MANUKA HONEY only upon onset of an attack. I'm a firm believer in honey. It is one of the greatest healers.


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