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I'm a Microbiological/Chemical Technologist, currently working as a Naturopathic consultant.
I worked in Microbiology and Chemistry, for about 12 years, in the the Pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and toiletry industries.

I started out as a microbiological/Chemical Analyst. I Performed:
chemical and microbiological analysis of raw materials, finished products, variety of packaging materials and their compatibility with different range of finished products.
Chemical analysis tests were carried out with up to date technologically advanced instruments, such as Spectrophotometers, and other apparatus.
Microbiological tests including incubation of samples, and microscopical studies of a variety of bacteria, yeast, and fungus.

I was also involved in Research & Development, and in formulations of large variety of products.
I've carried out many formulations, and modified some when required.
I've advanced several years later, to a higher position with the title of Quality Control Manager.
My work included:
1) Quality Control of raw materials, finished products, packaging.

2)I was responsible for managing and supporting the laboratory personnel.

3)Additionally, I have carried out inspections on the production floor facilities, the equipment, including ventilation system, and other systems. Monthly reporting on the findings, my recommendations, and implementation of required corrective actions.

4) Communication with Health Canada,
particularly to obtain their regulatory approvals for new patents and new products. Providing them with documentation, and MSDS information of the raw material involved, in all the formulations.
I have tremendously enjoyed all the above duties.

It's very technically involved work, very interesting, and challenging.


Generally, I'm rather unconventional, though as getting older, I become slightly more conventional. I like things straight, simple, and uncomplicated.
I love helping people. I try to view things, situations, from different perspectives.

I refrain from judging others, but need to know all the facts and reasons for their particular behaviour, thoughts and actions, before forming any opinion.
I take everything with a grain of salt, always stay alert ,and cautious.

Life has its highs  and lows, but I always try to stay afloat. Trying is the key word!

I often check my expectations, and may lower them at times, to keep things in perspective.

Sheila Ber, 2012.

At the age of 20, I've completed 2 years of service, in the Army, filling the position of Sergeant. It was definitely, a significant lifetime experience for me.

I have two grown up sons. I love them very dearly!
I enjoy being a caring mother, not perfect,  and with always
room for improvement.

I've graduated with Honours in Science, and with Distinction in Physics.

Seneca College
Microbiological/Chemical Technology

Technical school
Architecture/Mechanical Drafting

School of Accounting
General Accounting


I'm currently working as a Naturopathic Consultant.

Microbiological/Chemical Technologist

FABERGE - Toronto
Quality Control/ Laboratory Manager

REVLON - Toronto
Quality Control/ Laboratory Manager

ACCENTURE Business for Utilities - Toronto

Lived in:

1) Toronto, Canada,
2) Argentina.


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