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The basic causes contributing to Arthritis are as following:

1) High microbial activity that results in inflammation.
     Take Probiotics! They have many health benefits,
     and they help fight and eliminate the microbes, that
     cause inflammation.
2) Mechanical action of the joints, and cartilage erosion.
    Cartilage acts as an insulation between the bones.
    Causes vary, and include wear and tear: constant use, over 
    use or wrong use of the joints, that increase the risk of damage
    to them.
    Minimize wearing high heels. Wear comfortable
    shoes that provide you with an adequate support.
    Check also your body balance. Imbalanced body effects
    the way you walk, and thus effects also the mechanical
    function of your knees. If you feel that you are lacking balance,
    see a Chiropractor, or a Physiotherapist. You may need to 
    adjust your back and posture periodically.
    *Exercise: Doing daily exercises, within your comfortable
    limits, with a little challenge or resistance, will help you
    build endurance, balance, and mobility. Please see clause
    #10 below, for more information.
3) Pressure  - Exerting pressure from heavy weight, on joints,
    particularly the knees, can contribute to further damage
   and erosion of the cartilage, tendons and the bones.
   Do not carry heavy weights. Handle weight that you feel is
   light, and that will not exert pressure on your knees.
  Your knees carry big part of your body weight.  If you
   are overweight, you will benefit greatly from losing
   weight that feels comfortable to you, and that also will
   benefit your knees, and other joints.

4) Temperature  -  Keep your joints warm, especially the  
     knees during cool and cold seasons. The knees are very
    sensitive to cold. Cold temperature aggravates and stiffens
    them , as well as all other joints, resulting in inflammation  
    and pain, particularly if you are already suffering from some 
    degree of Arthritis.
   Solution: Wear leg warmers, that can be pulled over your knees,
   day and night, to ensure that they are kept constantly warm!
  *You can obtain Acrylic leg warmers at most Dollarama stores,
    at a very low price.
   Note:  Keeping the knees warm, when the temperature of your 
   surrounding is under 15 °C, makes a world of  a difference,
   to how your knees feel!

5) Moisture - High humidity level in the air, and lower
    barometric pressure represent unfavourable environment for 
    Arthritic sufferers.

*Take care of your joints, especially the knees, by applying a
barrier on the area of the joints. 

Solution: A suitable barrier can be any ordinary, healthy cooking oil, such as Grape Seed, Almond, Mustard, or even Canola oil.

Massage daily, any of the above on the joint area, for a few seconds. The oil will leave a layer, that will keep moisture out.

Additionally, oils that are rich in Anti-Oxidants, when
penetrating the skin, will provide your joints with excellent
health benefits, as well as with much needed lubrication.

6) Imbalanced body pH. Your blood pH has to be slightly
    alkaline, and if it is acidic, it gives rise to higher microbial
    activity in your body, oxygen deprivation, thus higher   
   inflammation level, that manifests itself in many ways.
    Overall body pH has a significant effect on all joints,
    organs, blood vessels, tissues, hormones, in short, all body 
    systems.  Acidic pH is attributed to high consumption  
    of sugars/carbs, proteins, oils and fats, and stress.

    To alkalize daily do the following: Take 1/2 tsp Baking Soda
    (Arm & Hammer) in 1 cup water, with 1 Potassium tablet.
    (in order to maintain your electrolyte fluids balanced).

    You may need to repeat the above 2-3 times a day, so that your 
    body will continue to be slightly alkaline: pH 7.0-7.5.

   To test your body pH, you simply test the pH in your urine,
   as following: 
  A simple test is done with a Q-Tip (coated with Turmeric, and  
  has light yellow color) and is placed under the stream of urine.
  If the pH is acidic, it will remain yellow, and if it is alkaline, the 
  color of the Q-Tip will appear in color ranging from orange
  to red wine color.
 Orange to red wine, are the colors that you want to obtain. If you 
 see yellow on your Q-tip, immediately alkalize, by taking your
 Baking Soda drink, as described above.

**To prepare your Q-Tips for the test, do the following simple 
  steps: In a small container, place several tablespoons of 
 rubbing Ethyl alcohol (S.D.M.). Mix in: 1/2 teaspoon Turmeric  
 powder. Mix well. Immerse 10-20 Q-Tips in the mixture. 
 Let dry over a piece of paper. Cut them in 1/2, so you can use  both ends for multiple tests. You'll have a month supply to do your daily pH tests.

7) Electrolyte imbalance- If body electrolyte fluids are not
  balanced, the electrical conductivity in your joints
  is not optimal. Thus resulting in less of the following:
  blood circulation, oxygen , nutrients and energy.

  To balance your electrolytes take dailyMulti-minerals,
   and also 1 Potassium tablet 99 mg - 1-2x a day.

8) Diet - Diet that consists of excessive sugars, carbs, junk
  foods that also contain unhealthy oils and fats, that can be
  harmful and toxic to your joints, and body in general.
  Diets high sugars in any form, including carbs, will feed the
  anaerobic bacteria and yeast in your body, multiplying
  them and increasing the microbial level, that will
  result in increased inflammation and pain, consequently 
  the erosion of joints cartilage, and bones.

     Reduce your sugars/carbs intake!
*Note:Honey (monosaccharides) in moderation is very good.
  It breaks down and gets absorbed more rapidly, allowing
  less time for microbes to feed and multiply.
  Honey can be used in coffee, tea, baking, and more.
  It is kept at room temperature, but has to be handled
  carefully, by always using clean utensils during usage,
  to prevent any microbial contamination.

9) Mental state - If you are experiencing stress that is 

    extreme, or if your emotions are fluctuating out of control. 
    It is  of course individual, and each person extreme varies, 
    according to their coping capabilities.
    Find positive ways to deal with it, and don`t let it linger, as it
    is harmful to your health, and your joints will feel it!
   Stress converts body pH to acidic:






ALKALIZE DAILY!   See clause #5 above.

When body pH is very acidic, it impedes normal metabolic
activities, that will result in inflammation and pain!

*Body acidity is detected in blood and urine, as well as in saliva.

JOINTS, take the following daily:

1) GLS-500  - (Glucosamine Sulfate)or GLS-1000, 1 capsule - 2x a day.
   You may take it with food, if experiencing any discomfort.
 *Give it time to have full effect: 3-4 weeks!

2) Boswellia - An anti-inflammatory herb that is very effective.
    1 tablet 2x a day.

3) MSM -  (Methylsulfonylmethane) 1000 mg. - excellent in 
    reducing pain and inflammation.  Take 1 capsule 2x a day.
    For increased pain and inflammation, you may safely take 1-6 
    capsules 3x a day, preferably on empty stomach.

4) Multi-vitamins.

5) B-Complex - 1 tablet - 1-2x a day, with food, to help combat

6) Vitamin D3 - 2,000- 4,000 I.U. caplets, 2x a day,  taken with
     Omega oil/Flax oil. for maximum absorption. Vitamin D is
     an anti-inflammatory steroid.
     It is very beneficial particularly in higher concentration,
     for keeping inflammation down. It maintains healthy
     bones, and balanced Thyroid. Vitamin D3 can be safely
     taken, up to 10,000 I.U. a day, divided in two, 2x a day.

     Improvement in health, and reduction in inflammation, is 
     noticed immediately.

7) Beta Carotene - 1 caplet 2x a day, with food. It helps to  fight inflammation!!!

8) Aspirin 81 mg coated - even every other day. Take it with
    food only!  It is very effective in reducing inflammation.
    You can verify outcome by checking your blood ESR level,
    when taking a blood test.

9) Calcium Citrate  -  This form is more absorbable. Take
    1,200 -1,500 mg  a day, along with vitamin C, to 
    synergistically further aid absorption, to maintain strong bones.

10) Enzymes - Take enzymes with meals, in order to keep
      your digestion system clean, and to reduce inflammation.

11) Exercise & Yoga  - You must exercise daily, 15-20 minutes,
      to keep your joints, as well as your muscles from getting
     stiff. If you don't, you will experience also poor mobility.

     When you work your joints and muscles, your body
     secrets essential biochemical lubricating fluids,
     that gradually help you reach optimum mobility.

     NOTE: Even if you are experiencing pain, make the greatest
     efforts to exercise. Lubricating fluids will slowly make it
     easier to do! If you are in extreme pain, you may take
     Tylenol 1/2 hour before the workout.
     Yoga:  Doing yoga about 10-15 minutes a day, lying on your
     back comfortably, will provide you with many health benefits,
     physically, mentally, and spiritually.

     You can check some helpful exercises in these website:
      pain.html        and   

I hope you find the above information very helpful.


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